Bringing Color into Your Atlanta Kitchen Remodel: Design 101

Bringing Color into Your Atlanta Kitchen Remodel: Design 101

It’s time to start dreaming in technicolor! White kitchens have had their day, but more and more our clients are requesting pops of color in their homes.  If you’re ready to create a custom Atlanta kitchen that vibrates with personality and stands the test of time, we’re ready to lend our insight.

Our Design Expertise Gives Us the Insight You Need to Get Your Kitchen Details Right

We want you to have all of the information you need to curate the perfect look. Our extensive design experience equips us to guide buyers to their perfect fit when designing their Atlanta renovations. Getting familiar with materials and options gives you the power you need to plan.

Knobs vs. Pulls

Copper Sky Design + Remodel's design team has plenty to say about selecting cabinet hardware. The shapes and finishes you choose have a real impact on the overall vibe and the aesthetic of your room. Our Instagram Reels provide some great examples of kitchen cabinet hardware options. Check out the muted greens, grays, and blues and the way different metal tones change the vibe. 

Want to see this in action? Check out our Instagram Reel on knobs vs. pull with various finishes. 

Tile for the Perfect Palette

Tile is a fantastic way to bring color into your kitchen remodel. Glass, ceramic, encaustic cement, terrazzo, and more; check out our favorite examples of tile work on Instagram that bring a little something extra to your kitchen walls.

Let in the Natural Light

Your doors and windows are not only useful for bringing in natural light, but also provide an opportunity to enhance your overall design aesthetic. Add vintage charm with mullions or create an open, airy space with a modern glass door. You can also add color with a stained-glass window or door panel. A pass-through window not only provides an easy way to connect the kitchen with your outside space, but it will typically also maximize the amount of natural light being let in.  

Check out this light-filled kitchen on Instagram! 

Examples of Colorful Kitchens for Your Epic Atlanta Remodel

This project is a perfect example of the awe and elegance that colorful kitchen cabinets can provide.  Check out how this kitchen comes to life - from the initial renderings to the finished space.  This kitchen, featuring navy cabinets standing guard around beautiful white cabinets, is absolutely stunning. 

Navy Reporting for Duty

Navy isn’t the only shade to consider for your modern blue kitchen cabinets. We’ve compiled some of our favorite shades, from soft to striking. Note the color, hardware, decor, and tile pairings that influence the overall vibe.  

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy/White Kitchen

A Green Gem

We can’t talk about perfectly executing color in your kitchen without a special mention of one of favorite projects, this luxe green kitchen with brass plumbing, hardware, and a library ladder.

Green Kitchen Cabinets and Library Ladder

Green Kitchen

Creating a Color Scheme for Your Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen needs a cohesive color story. There are endless options to inject color into your kitchen and many different levels of commitment to color, so you can dabble or dive all the way in. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating a timeless and vibrant kitchen.

Make a Mood Board

Test your design elements next to each other by creating a mood board. Include your color palette, metal finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures, wood tones, and appliance colors. If you aren’t sure about your exact selections yet, gather the examples that best represent your vision.


Try Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets continue to trend into 2023. Using two cabinet colors in your kitchen allows you to delineate special spaces or provides accents that provide bold colors next to more neutral options. This means you can include colorful options without committing to a potentially polarizing look.

Dial-Up the Color Saturation in Monochrome

We love the subtle texture that changing the intensity of the same hue can create. Using the same color at reduced and increased saturation provides a subtle difference that adds depth and interest to any space that employs this tactic.

Invite Color into Your Tile

Many of our favorite tile selections offer options in just about any color you could desire. From glass to porcelain, encaustic cement to natural stone, tile is a fantastic opportunity to include color in your kitchen vision while staying classic. 

Colors of the Year for 2023

Many of the shades touted as colors of the year for 2023 are excellent options for your kitchen renovation color palette. A few nods to neutral are great for pairing, but most colors this year are deep, rich greens or pink-infused warmer hues. Here are the winners of the 2023 season, according to industry experts:

  • Behr: Blank Canvas

  • Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

  • Better Homes and Gardens: Canyon Ridge

  • Dutch Boy: Rustic Greige

  • Dunn Edwards: Terra Rosa

  • Glidden: Vining Ivy

  • Krylon: Spanish Moss

  • Pantone: Viva Magenta

  • Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

Copper Sky’s Expert Eye Creates Beautiful Results in Atlanta 

Our artisan team lovingly elevates your space to exceed your vision. We believe your home deserves respect and expertise in order to look its best today, no matter when it was built. Learn more about why Copper Sky is the best choice for your Atlanta home renovation.


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