How to Transform Your Kitchen with Custom Storage Solutions

How to Transform Your Kitchen with Custom Storage Solutions

It's nearly impossible to keep your kitchen clean and organized when you don't have proper storage. Your counters become laden with kitchen tools, cooking oils, dispensers, or other often-used items that take up valuable space. Pots and pans stack haphazardly on top of one another in your cupboards, making them difficult to access. You constantly struggle to locate the spices and utensils you need for cooking. At a certain point, all your drawers start to look like junk drawers.

The Copper Sky Design + Remodel team came across a kitchen like that not long ago. With little counter area and limited space for storage, the 1930s bungalow kitchen simply wasn't the homeowners' needs. The clutter made the room feel permanently messy and chaotic. We fixed that — take a look at the transformation! 

Our team designed custom cabinetry that provides creative storage solutions such as cabinets that extend to the ceiling, narrow pullouts for spices and cutting boards, and a rolling ladder to make upper cabinets easily accessible. We also made the kitchen look spacious by adding more natural light, using color and material mindfully, and drawing the eye upwards. 

This project only demonstrates a handful of the storage solutions available. You need to find and implement the storage solutions that will be most effective in your kitchen; these tips from Copper Sky Design + Remodel can help. 


The first step to fixing your storage is identifying the problem areas of your kitchen. Try finding the source of your frustration. Is it cluttered counters, messy shelves, or disorganized drawers? Maybe you don't have enough space, or your storage is in an inconvenient location. Once you understand the sources of your dissatisfaction, you can brainstorm solutions. 

Ultimately, you may have to expand your kitchen to accomplish the change you want; however, creative storage solutions should still be a part of your remodel. These minor changes lead to significant results and help you maintain your kitchen after an upgrade. 


For every kitchen storage problem, there are a few potential solutions. It's good to do your own research to decide which is right for you. But we can help give you a better idea of your options. Let's review a few of our favorite storage solutions. 


By customizing cabinets and drawers, you fit your storage to your exact purposes. You can maximize kitchen cabinet space with inserts that keep your utensils from getting mixed up. Examples of kitchen cabinet space savers include slots to hold baking trays, specialized utensil drawers, lazy Susans, etc. Installing hanging racks inside your cabinets keeps pots and pans from scratching the interior and banging around when you reach for them. These cabinet and drawer solutions can adapt for other parts of your kitchen, such as a pantry or closet; if you're looking for kitchen pantry ideas for small kitchens, consider these suitable options

You can also add custom cabinets or drawers in unexpected places. Toe kick drawers and slide-out racks are also excellent places to store the small knick-knacks in a kitchen. Those with ample counter space may even consider adding a countertop storage cabinet to store their most-used kitchen items. 


Once you've organized your cabinets and drawers, you still might not have enough room for everything in your kitchen.  Don't add storage for storage's sake; any additions you make should serve a specific purpose. If you love a refreshing drink, install a bar — coffee, alcohol, smoothie, or otherwise. Include a mini-fridge, cabinets, shelves, or drawers for storage; a countertop for preparation; an extra sink; and any specialized items you require. 

Those who cook often or host dinner parties may opt for a butler's pantry. Consider turning a closet into a butler's pantry to create extra preparation and storage space where you can easily hide away dirty dishes. 

Islands are similarly helpful. Depending on how you want to use your island, they act as dining and seating areas, preparation zones, storage, and more. You can equip your island with drawers, built-in appliances, and other accessories to make the most of its floor space. 


A kitchen expert works with you to assess your needs and solve your storage problems. In other words, you don't have to decide what to do in your kitchen by yourself. Your builder should be able to guide you. They can advise on how to maximize kitchen cabinet space for your needs, provide kitchen dead space ideas, and answer any other questions or concerns. 

Then they deliver the services, skills, and professionalism to implement your ideas. Partnering with a design-build firm gives you peace of mind that your new kitchen storage is high-quality, long-lasting, and fits your unique lifestyle; those are the results we deliver at Copper Sky Design + Remodel. 

Use our award-winning remodeling services to transform your kitchen today.

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