What it Means to Have a Custom Kitchen

What it Means to Have a Custom Kitchen

You need a drawer for your oversized baking sheets. Your appliance sprawl is out of control. If a guest stubs their toe on the kitchen island one more time, you’re going to demolish the darn thing yourself. When you’re ready to live and work in a kitchen that supports and elevates your experience instead of impeding your flow, it’s time for a custom kitchen remodel. What does that mean, and how is this accomplished? Let’s talk about it!

Copper Sky Design + Remodel designs and executes stunning custom residential remodels in the Atlanta area. We’re pleased to use our decades of expertise as kitchen remodelers to explore the allure of creating a custom kitchen.

What is a Custom Kitchen?

You might make several levels of commitment and investment when it’s time to update your Atlanta kitchen. You might focus on and upgrade a few problem elements, providing a facelift with a targeted impact. You could keep your kitchen layout and upgrade every aspect with something brand-new. The most drastic option is a custom kitchen remodel. What does a new custom kitchen get you that a pull-and-replace upgrade doesn't? Freedom. Possibilities. Want to update your layout, add an island or two, move the sink, add a breakfast nook, borrow space from the living room, or create a completely personalized new design? You’re looking for a custom kitchen remodel.


Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Atlanta

Custom kitchens in Atlanta typically start around $150,000. Your custom builder is your best resource to understand how much you’ll pay for the project you’ve got in mind. Your project's size, scope, and complexity will influence the ultimate cost. Want to know more about costs? Our complimentary cost guide breaks it down here.


What’s the Difference Between Custom and Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Even within your custom kitchen design, you have more levels of customization to explore. Choosing between semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets is an excellent example of this. While we can move and create kitchen cabinets and counters anywhere, the materials we use to make them influence the final results. Think of semi-custom options like cabinet-shaped building blocks. You’ve got a finite number of options for sizes, layouts, colors and functionality. Custom cabinets are built from scratch, meaning they are constructed to your exact specifications for a perfect fit. If you can dream it up, you can create a custom cabinet to store it.

Best-in-Class Built-ins

What are some of our favorite creative examples of custom cabinets? Here’s some cabinet feature ideas to get you started!

  • Paper Towel Holder - You’ve got to keep paper towels handy in the kitchen. Creating a built-in and intuitive storage solution for them ensures that they are readily available but tucked away and out of sight.

  • Composting Drawer - This one’s for anyone who hates waste. Create a compost drawer to make hygienic and efficient use of all of your table scraps and feed your plant babies with the homemade good stuff.

  • Pull-Out Spice Racks - Peruse all your options without a frustrating forage. A pull-out spice rack next to the oven gives you easy access while you're cooking. 

  • Secret Drawers or Door - Stash valuables, special items, or anything you wish to conceal in a drawer that doesn’t look like a drawer. Unassuming spaces are great hiding places. Conceal other elements, such as the door to your pantry or garage for a polished profile. Building in a super-secret space lends a bit of whimsy and a punch of practicality. 

Add Any Appliance You Like

Want two ovens? Gotta have a coffee bar? Need an industrial-sized fridge to feed the troops for more than a few days? Your custom kitchen design means you can add any layout you like and include the appliances you desire. 

  • Beverage Station- Add a beverage fridge, wine chiller, coffee bar, wet bar, and more so that kids and guests can easily help themselves to refreshments with all the accouterments handy.

  • Dual Dishwasher- If you’ve ever lamented the pile-up in the sink while the dishwasher ran and waited to be emptied, you understand the allure of a kitchen with two dishwashers. Keeping dirty dishes tidy and offering constant clean options can be life-changing, especially with larger families or frequent entertainers.

  • Paneled Appliances - Where’s the fridge? Nobody can tell. Tuck every appliance behind custom cabinet panels for a sleek and unified look.

  • Convenient Cooktops - There’s no reason to stick to a range just because you’ve always had one. Separating your cooktop from your oven empowers you to create stations that flow how you plan to use them. Explore excellent new options in cooktops, such as induction technology, that may speed up your cooking times and offer further convenience.

Layout That Looks Just Right

Your custom kitchen is your opportunity to right the wrongs of the previous design. Move and add walls, countertops, cabinets, islands, and more.

  • Double Kitchen Island - When you pin all your island plans on one station, you compromise specificity at the expense of versatility. You end up building a kitchen island that can be used for many things instead of designed to do a few things well. If you’ve got the space, consider two kitchen islands with distinct purposes. Choose from prep space, seating, art/homework station, beverage station, or design an island for something even more specific. 

  • Pass-Through Window - Get the goods outside with ease. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, consider a pass-through window to efficiently set up your outdoor feast. Perhaps you need a matching custom outdoor kitchen for continuity and continued fun?

  • Bump-Out - If you need more kitchen space and don’t have any space to give from an adjoining room, consider a bump-out. Extending your home a few feet to create a sunny breakfast nook or window seat can be a great way to create more square footage.

Copper Sky Creates Custom Kitchens that Shine

Copper Sky Design + Remodel lives and breathes beautiful new kitchens. We’d love to discuss your plans for your Atlanta kitchen remodel or other home addition or remodeling project. Connect with us today to get started!


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