Trending Kitchen Designs for Your 2022 Atlanta Remodel

Trending Kitchen Designs for Your 2022 Atlanta Remodel

A kitchen remodel is no joke. Between new appliances, custom cabinetry, and other upgrades, a full remodel is a big investment. So, it’s fair to say that the design should satisfy you for years to come! It should be timeless, yet current — which is sometimes easier said than done. But as award-winning kitchen designers and builders, we’ve got a few tips that can help you out. 

There are a few things to consider when designing the perfect kitchen remodel: current trends, classic design elements, and personality. You should be thinking about each when designing your perfect kitchen.

The great news is, you’ve got the personality part covered! As you select your combination of contemporary and classic elements, your personal style will naturally show through. When in doubt, listen to your gut. It’ll tell you what you like and dislike. Take note of those preferences and over time you’ll define your personal style. 

In order to get the next two pieces of the equation, though, you’ll need to know what current and classic design styles are in the first place. We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find definitions, examples, and the information you need to create the kitchen remodel you’re dreaming of! Learn more about kitchen remodeling with our resource guide or check our portfolio for all the remodeling inspiration you need. 

Current Design Trends

Current, or contemporary design trends, can be difficult to nail down. They're ever-changing, subject to the whims of evolving art styles, technology, materials, and so on. But contemporary design finds its roots in the 1970s, where it borrowed from modernism, postmodernism, deconstructivism, and many other "isms". In a nutshell, contemporary style can be described as whatever’s hot right now. Let’s take a look at what’s in vogue for 2022!

  • Maximalism 

If you know anything about interior design, you’ve probably heard of minimalism. It’s an extremely simple and functional design style that’s been enduringly popular over the past few years. But now, after a year inside, people are sick of looking at white walls and minimal decor. In 2022, it’s time for something more exciting; and that something is 80s-and-90s-inspired maximalism. Incorporate maximalism by mixing different design styles and textures. For example, you could mix in some Mediterranean kitchen design with a fish scale kitchen backsplash, one of 2022’s backsplash trends. Or you could try out biophilic design — more on that in the next paragraph. 

  • Biophilia

Nature can make you feel better. It’s a scientific fact, and when the concept is applied to home living, the result is biophilic design. Biophilic design uses color, material, decor inspired by the outdoors to help you feel connected to nature. Try it in your home by using nature-inspired colors, like warm browns, tans, greens, and blues; natural materials, such as wood, stone, or glass; or by incorporating nature-themed decor and art. 

  • Comfort & Curves

In line with the shift away from the clean lines of sterile minimalism, designers are bringing comfort and curves into 2022 interiors. Besides using warm paint colors, one of the best ways to give your home a cozy feeling is to incorporate a variety of soft, interesting textures. You can contrast soft rugs and visibly-grained wood with metal mesh cabinet doors. Or you can try softening your walls by covering them in plaster or textured wallpaper. Gentle curving lines can also bring a heightened sense of comfort and relaxation. Try adding visual interest to your design by using curved lines in your art and furniture!

Classic Design 

The key to creating a classic kitchen is striking a balance between vintage and modern. Obviously, your contemporary elements will help on the modern side of things, but there’s more to both modern and vintage design than meets the eye. Let’s dive in. 

  • Vintage Elements 

Vintage elements grant your kitchen an air of familiarity, comfortability, and even grandeur. They’re the classic component of the timeless kitchen equation. Thoughtfully chosen, they can convey your personal style and connect today’s digital era to past eras of human history.  

You have lots of options when it comes to including vintage design in your kitchen remodel. And you can draw inspiration from any historical influence; but for 2022, art deco is likely to be especially on-trend. Art deco design rose to popularity in the 1920s and is characterized by fluted finishes, smooth lines, sweeping curves, and geometric shapes or patterns. 

But don’t limit yourself to just art deco influences. You can combine elements of vintage design from any place and time period you want! You can make a statement with shaker or china cabinets, a French farmhouse kitchen island, or a butler pantry — one of 2022’s hottest kitchen trends; or go for something low-key like vintage Lyon metal cabinets, vintage cupboard latches, art deco inspired geometric cabinet hardware, wooden cutting boards or copper pots, subway tiles, vintage cupboard latches, or a gooseneck kitchen light. If you want to be especially on-trend, try using brass. The age-inspired metal is likely to rise in popularity in 2022. You can incorporate the metal with a brass kitchen counter, or mix it up with brass and glass kitchen shelves. 

  • Modern Elements 

Despite the name, modern design isn’t quite as modern as you might think. This style of design — more specifically referred to as mid-century modern design — was created in the middle part of the 19th century. So, despite being a modern style, mid-century modern design is actually considered vintage. That can be confusing, but luckily, executing a modern design style isn’t. 

Modern design is characterized by the use of natural materials, clean lines, low and long furniture, open floor plans, minimal decor, and neutral colors. Here, simplicity is king. And it’s the simplicity of modernism that makes it both a classic design style and a perfect balance for your kitchen’s vintage elements. Plus, mixing eclectic vintage pieces with mid-century minimalism helps modernize the style and adds personality to your design. 

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen and located near Atlanta, Georgia, we’re the builders to help you do it! We specialize in remodeling historic properties, and we’ll make sure your kitchen remodel finds the right mix of classic and contemporary, while prioritizing your personal needs and style. Check out our services to learn more, or contact us to get started.

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