What’s In and What’s Out for Your 2023 Atlanta Home Remodel: Ask a Designer

What’s In and What’s Out for Your 2023 Atlanta Home Remodel: Ask a Designer

We’ve upgraded our day planners, flipped the calendar to a new year, and we’re ready to turn our eyes toward the things we’d like to create in 2023. For many of us, this includes updating the features we include in our dream spaces and remodels we’re planning in real life. What’s in and what’s out for home remodels in 2023? Our interior designers offer their insight.

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What's In for 2023 for Your Atlanta Home Remodel?

Color, shape, natural materials, and earthy tones are here to set 2023 apart.

Playful Tile

Tile options are ever-expanding in terms of available shapes, colors, materials, and glazes. You are likely to find just about any combination you can imagine. Upgrades of past favorites like terrazzo are also enjoying a resurgence due to their durability and practicality.  Include colorful ceramic or glass tile for a bespoke bohemian tile backsplash. Turn subway tile on its head by installing it vertically. Enjoy a whitewashed backsplash with contrasting trim with a sleek, glossy finish. 

Moody, but Ample Lighting

Lighting is more important than ever before. Designers weren’t considering Zoom meetings, Tik Tok dances, and flattering light for selfies unless your home was built in the last few years. Watch for artfully lit spaces and oversized chandelier focal points. Gothic wall lights pair perfectly with wallpaper or other vintage-inspired elements for ultimate moody maximalism. Of course, minimal sconces, and recessed lighting for layered options also appear with increasing frequency. 

Earthy Tones

Green, brown, and blue continue to be popular tones for calm and tranquil spaces. 2023 also welcomes a trend toward warmer earthy colors like terracotta. Saturated reds, corals, blushes, and peaches bring the sunset into your mother-nature-inspired selections. See Sherwin Williams 2023 color of the year Redend Point, or Benjamin Moore’s 2023 pick Raspberry Blush for the perfect earthy tone for your wall art or textured tapestries.

Wallpaper for the Win

There are more wallpaper options than ever before. Don’t underestimate the intrigue and drama you can create with a wallpaper accent wall or guest bathroom wallpaper. From the whisper of a botanical shape on pastel aesthetic vintage minimalist wallpaper to bold geometric shapes or maximalist floral prints, wallpaper trends for 2023 offer something for every project.

Arches and Curves

Gentle architectural arches are trending for 2023. Notice curved doorways and windows and keep an eye out for these shapes replacing right angles in decor such as mirrors, furniture and art as well. Don’t be completely square. Consider a curved countertop and tables with rounded edges to highlight and contrast the places you decide to keep corners.

Natural Themes

Nature-inspired elements are having an extended moment in interior design. Wicker, ratan, natural stone, and natural wood are design staples for any serene space. Show off what nature created by picking polished stones or other natural themed cabinet pulls for a unique and trendy look and choosing a stain that highlights the majesty of whirls and knots in natural wood.

Retro Futurism

What is retro futurism? Any imagination of futuristic decor developed during a different era. We adore this quirky niche to the larger vintage decor and interior design trend. Think 50s sci-fi, or chic 70s mod. The idea that we’ve already incorrectly imagined the future can be liberating and nostalgic. The present aesthetic looks nothing like a 19th-century futuristic fantasy, which means the future holds infinite possibilities.

What’s Out for 2023

Not every trend stands the test of time. Some have had their turn and need to fade to make way for something fresh. Here are the trends we see on the decline for 2023.

Gray All Day

Neutral monochromes and boring beige are declining in popularity for 2023. Gray will always have a function in interior design, but it won’t enjoy the spotlight as often in 2023. We welcome the foray into more interesting color options. 

Ultra Coordination

A strict color palate that banishes any item that doesn’t support the vibe is a step too far. No one lives in a stock photo, and enforcing such a tightly controlled aesthetic is a burden. Blend styles or vintage eras; enjoy a piece of furniture you love, even if it introduces a new element to your room.

Tech and Entertainment as Decor

Your guests don’t want to gaze at the abyss in your blank TV screen, and it’s certainly not a great focal point for entertaining. 2023 will continue the steady increase in clever ways to hide your TV in a wall or built-in cabinets. 

Open Concept

Wide open spaces can result is poor acoustics and offer little privacy, two things that don’t support working from home or maintaining a peaceful surround during extended time at home with the whole family. Look for more delineated spaces and multi-purpose rooms to rise where open main-floor living used to dominate.

Copper Sky Design + Remodel Is Ready to Help

At Copper Sky, we love an old house just as much as we love a fresh new space. We’re committed to bringing these two things together with expert care and craftsmanship. You deserve to enjoy the pride of your own design and every modern convenience with the charm of your historic home. 


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