Copper Sky's OBIE Award: Best Bathroom

Copper Sky's OBIE Award: Best Bathroom

One of the challenges of remodeling an older Atlanta-area home is finding the space you need for the features you want. We have to admit that we love this kind of challenge. We were pleased to receive a first-place award for a recent Atlanta bathroom remodel where the lack of space was an issue.  Here’s a look at how this award-winning bathroom solves that problem. Hopefully, it will provide you with some inspiration if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Small Space with No Storage- No Problem

When our clients contacted us to renovate their bathroom, we were confronted with a
small bathroom with single vanity, no storage, a tub, and tight quarters. Our clients wanted a more open bathroom with double vanity and walk-in shower. No problem, right?

One of the main issues we faced was how to create storage in a bathroom where there was not a lot of space. To accomplish this, we built a custom 72” vanity with a middle drawer stack and also storage under each sink. Even with this, we did not have enough storage and had to get more creative.

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We built wainscoting around the room with one entire wall of wainscoting that includes hidden storage. Each panel opened up with touch latches (eliminating hardware kept the design clean and helped make the room feel bigger). This provided plenty of space for the client to store smaller bathroom items.

bathroom storage solutions

Another way we enhanced the visual space of the bathroom (making it look larger), was to eliminate the wall between the sink and the tub—which visually opened up the room. Then we replaced the tub with a curbless walk-in shower. Another visual impact was to extend the floor tile into the shower. Having a lipless shower and continuing the tile seamlessly into the shower area makes the room seem bigger.

To preserve the character of this older home, we installed a vintage leaded glass window in the shower. In addition to letting in lots of natural light, the window is a focal point and a reminder of the home’s history.  The wainscoting around the bathroom provided additional period-appropriate detail in the room.

 historic bathroom remodel in atlanta

Meeting an Old Home Remodeling Challenge

We did run into one additional challenge. When we did the initial demolition of the bathroom, we found out that most of the framing in the room was rotted. Because we specialize in remodeling and renovating historic Atlanta homes, this was a challenge we’d faced before. It meant we needed to reframe the floor system and a majority of the walls. In the long run, it produced a better product as we were able to get all of the walls and floor dead level to allow for a better tile install.

If you have a challenging bathroom that needs to be remodeled in your Atlanta home, we invite you to look at some of the other bathroom remodeling projects we’ve taken on in the area. Then contact us and we can talk about a creative solution to your specific needs!

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