Best Atlanta Neighborhoods to Invest in a Remodel

Best Atlanta Neighborhoods to Invest in a Remodel

Creating the perfect Atlanta home hinges on two major factors: location and style. The home you choose needs to be in the right place for you and its features and design should fit your lifestyle so that you really feel at home. With a home remodel, you can select the perfect older home for its charm and location, and then set to work making it just right for your family.

Investing in Atlanta Neighborhoods

Each of these neighborhoods offers a unique allure, and investing in a remodel will not only enhance the value of your home but will also contribute to preserving the distinctive character of Atlanta's diverse communities and suburbs. Here are some of the neighborhoods to consider for remodeling.

  1. Ansley Park: Ansley Park boasts a historic charm with its tree-lined streets and century-old homes. The proximity to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Piedmont Park amplifies its beauty, making a remodel a sound investment to preserve and uplift its architectural legacy.

  2. Avondale Estates: Renowned for its Tudor-style architecture and the serene Avondale Lake, this neighborhood promises a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern conveniences. Remodeling here means being part of a vibrant, artsy community.

  3. Brookhaven: Situated just east of Buckhead, Brookhaven is an enclave of luxury. Remodeling in this neighborhood is all about maximizing wooded views and embracing grandeur.

  4. Buckhead: As one of Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods, Buckhead epitomizes luxury living. Remodeling in this area can lead to significant returns on investment given its upscale shops, gourmet restaurants, and esteemed art galleries.

  5. Candler Park: A hip and laid-back vibe is the hallmark of Candler Park, with its eclectic homes and local festivals. Investing in a remodel here means embracing a vibrant, community-centric lifestyle.

  6. Chastain Park: Home to one of Atlanta's largest city parks, this neighborhood provides a serene environment combined with recreational facilities. Remodeling here enriches the harmony of green spaces and modern living.

  7. Decatur: Offering a small-town feel just a stone's throw from downtown Atlanta, Decatur is known for its pedestrian-friendly streets and diverse culinary scene. A remodel here means integrating into a spirited community fabric.

  8. Druid Hills: Defined by its historic mansions and the renowned Emory University, Druid Hills offers a blend of academic prestige and architectural grandeur. Investing in a home remodel here is a nod to preserving history.

  9. Dunwoody: With top-notch schools and a thriving business district, Dunwoody promises a balance of family-friendly living and modern conveniences. Remodeling here speaks to both comfort and contemporary appeal.

  10. Inman Park: As Atlanta's first planned suburb, Inman Park is a testament to Victorian architecture and sprawling parks. A remodel in this neighborhood means breathing new life into history-rich homes.

  11. Kirkwood: A burgeoning hub for young professionals and families, Kirkwood offers a community vibe infused with trendy eateries and shops. Remodeling here aligns with the neighborhood's dynamic evolution.

  12. Lake Claire: With its community-driven initiatives and unique character, Lake Claire promises a tight-knit neighborhood spirit. A remodel here emphasizes sustainability and community engagement.

  13. Morningside: Rich in history and characterized by its lush green landscapes, Morningside is a tranquil retreat in the heart of Atlanta. Investing in a remodel here is a commitment to serene, upscale living.

  14. Oakhurst: A neighborhood in the city of Decatur, Oakhurst is a melting pot of arts, culture, and community events. Oakhurst offers a vibrant and diverse neighborhood life. Remodeling in this area taps into a thriving local culture.

  15. Virginia Highland: Celebrated for its boutique shopping, diverse dining, and vibrant nightlife, Virginia Highland pulsates with energy. A home remodel here must resonate with its trendy and spirited aura.

  16. Winnona Park: With its peaceful environment and family-friendly appeal, Winnona Park is a haven for those seeking a balanced life. Remodeling here offers cherishing quietude close to urban amenities.

Copper Sky Design + Remodel

The Atlanta area has quite a number of charming neighborhoods with great existing homes that exude character. As design - build remodelers with a passion for remodeling and restoring older homes, we pay a lot of attention to strong, traditional design elements. We have a particular affinity for Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian-era styles and have since had the pleasure of renovating several houses in Atlanta's historic neighborhoods. Rather than just tell you where we work, and how much we love it, we thought it might be helpful to see some specific examples of some of the work we’ve done in these neighborhoods.

Renovations in Decatur

Renovation in Decatur | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Here’s a whole home remodeling project we completed in Decatur. This was a true “inside-and-out” project. And although it was a major project that encompassed the whole house, you’ll be able to see the attention to detail in everything from windows to flooring to trim work that captures the character and spirit of this fine old home. Click here for images that show off those details.

Renovations in Lake Claire


Lake Claire is another great neighborhood we’ve enjoyed working in. This award-winning remodeling project brought new life to a home with classic beauty. And while it’s all-new on the inside, including a fully excavated and finished-out basement, the design respects and reflects the existing character of the house. Click here for a closer look at the details.

Renovations in Virginia Highland

Untitled design-May-22-2023-09-00-24-2100-PM

The update on this Virginia Highland home is a perfect example of how we marry fresh new design with classic style. You can catch a glimpse of how this completely renovated kitchens blends into the rest of the home here

Renovations in Morningside

Blog Featured Images-May-23-2023-03-59-28-7974-PM

This beautiful classic bungalow home in Morningside gives you a whole different feel. We helped the owner take advantage of unused attic space by building out a whole new second floor addition. The home retains its classic "lived-in" appeal while feeling fresh, updated, comfortable, and convenient.

Renovations in Ansley Park

The owners of this Ansley Park home obviously felt the neighborhood they live in merited a whole-home remodel of their Craftsman home.  The result is a great example of bringing fresh, new design ideas and materials into an existing older home in a way that respects and highlights the original design while giving the whole home new life and comfort.

Ansley Park | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

The project included a large 2-story addition with a stunning gourmet kitchen (pictured here) and a master bath. The family also added all new high-efficiency systems including HVAC, refinished millwork, refurbished windows, new heart pine flooring, and new stained-glass door glass and transoms to match the current 120-year-old glass. The exterior received new pine shake siding, bi-fold steel doors on the front porch, steel French doors at the back porch, and a rooftop deck over the garage overlooking the downtown skyline.

You’ll want to click here to take a closer look at specific features such as the beautiful bi-fold steel doors on the front porch that let lots of natural light into the house; and the stunning stained-glass door and transoms in the entryway (that match the current 120-year-old glass); and the exquisite heart pine flooring that matches the existing floors.

Renovations in Buckhead

The Lake Claire neighborhood is another place where homeowners obviously feel that investing in their existing homes makes sense. This expansive two-story home was once a small one-story ranch. Walls were moved, a rear addition built, and an entire second floor was added, giving these homeowners a welcoming space for their family and for guests. 

Blog Featured Images (1)-1


Whether you currently own a home in one of these great Atlanta neighborhoods or are considering a property with plenty of potential—we can help you turn a good home with "great bones" into your dream home.

Tips for Buying and Renovating a Home in Your Favorite Atlanta Neighborhood

Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Once you’ve identified the Atlanta neighborhood that you want, you’ll still want to find the right home. What kind of home is right for you? That, of course, depends on your personal tastes and your lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at those things.

Personal Taste

You'll want a home with a style that matches your inclinations. For some homeowners, that might be a modern style. Others may be drawn to more traditional designs. At Copper Sky, we have a particular affinity for Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian-era styles homes (Here’s an example of a Mid-Century Modern home that we recently remodeled). Even if you love older homes, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for an interior that feels old or uncomfortable. We specialize in respectfully preserving timeless elements in older homes that capture their character—without sacrificing your comfort.


Beyond how your home looks, you’ll also want to make sure it fits your lifestyle—the way you entertain, relax, and even work at home. For instance, if you enjoy casual entertainment, you’ll want to find a house where you can entertain comfortably. If you happen to be a gourmet cook (or want to be), you’ll want a kitchen that allows you to pursue that passion. You’ll want to think about how your family will use common spaces such as the dining room, the family room, and other spaces. Here’s a helpful post that explores how to bring your unique personality into your home. Don’t be overly concerned if you don’t find a perfect match. However, you’ll want to consider if a home you’re looking for can be modified to meet your needs.

Untitled design (4)

When it comes to house hunting, you don’t always need to look for a finished product. But you do need to look for potential. We’ve assembled four tips to help you find and make the best investment for your home remodel in Atlanta, GA.

Looking for Location

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing an outdated home in an up-and-coming neighborhood with plans to remodel it. In fact, these investments often pay the highest dividends. You should, however, thoroughly vet your neighborhood before buying so that you know your investment is sound.

Before you buy, observe and look up statistics on your location. Are sales rates rising? Are houses on the market for increasingly shorter time periods? Are young families moving in? Are houses selling for more than their owners originally paid? Is there a small or nonexistent percentage of home listings that expire without selling? If you answer yes to the questions above, you’re likely making a sound investment.

To learn more about our approach to remodeling download our eBook and peruse our other helpful resources, here for you whenever you need them!

Ensuring Sound Structure

Now that you know what to look for in the overall neighborhood, let’s discuss what to look for in individual houses. When touring a home with an eye toward renovation, it’s important to not get hung up on outdated superficials you can easily alter, but it’s equally important to not be naively enthusiastic before ensuring a sound structure.

Be sure to check for a solid foundation by examining exterior finishes for cracks and floors for sagging. Check also for water damage, mold, and asbestos. Look inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as basements to visually check for potential plumbing problems or exposed electrical issues.

Next, ask the seller/realtor about when shingles, windows, appliances, HVAC systems, etc. were last updated. Buying an older home inevitably entails surprises, some of which, like gorgeous wood floors covered by carpet, can be gold mines. But you’ll want to ask as much as possible about the history of the house to minimize unpleasant surprises.

Planning Your Rough Draft Renovation and Checking City Codes

Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Before you buy, mentally walk through the changes you’d like to make. Will you want to add an outside deck? Do you plan to build a ground-floor or second-story addition to make the home’s square footage workable for your family? Make a mental checklist and do some research on your city’s codes and zoning laws to ensure they’re realistic.

Consulting Your Contractor

If you’ve vetted the neighborhood and house as thoroughly as possible and are ready to sign the dotted line, it’s time to bring your contractor in for one final approval for your home remodel in Atlanta.

Your contractor can tell you whether the changes you want to make are structurally realistic. For instance, if you plan to tear down walls to introduce an open floor plan, you’ll want to ask your contractor whether your plans architecturally work with the home’s load-bearing walls. Check all structural and design changes with your contractor before proceeding.

The keys to finding the right Atlanta home for your family comes back to choosing a neighborhood you love and then choosing a home that fits your family’s lifestyle. And if the home you select isn’t quite right, we’d be delighted to help you turn it into the home of your dreams! Contact us today to get started!

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