5 Ideas for Your Newly Remodeled Basement

5 Ideas for Your Newly Remodeled Basement

Your unfinished basement needs your help to reach its full potential. 

All that underground space can easily go unused — especially with concrete floors and looming pipes making for a less-than-optimal hangout zone. Modern basements can offer so much more than a haphazard storage area or a space for discarded exercise equipment.

A basement remodel can change the way you use your home and can provide the space you need to support your daily life. You can transform your basement into a space you actually use and a place you enjoy being. Imagine the possibilities!

Wondering what to do with basement space during a remodel? Continue reading for five fantastic basement design ideas from Copper Sky Design & Remodel!

#1: Home Theater

Some basements are long and narrow; this unusual shape makes it challenging to pick a purpose for the space. As far as narrow basement ideas go, home theaters are one of the best. 

Since you don't move around much in a theater, it's a perfect way to use a strangely sized basement. Plus, basements are ideally situated to be a home theater because they don't have much outdoor light to block out. But that doesn't mean this space has to be dark and dreary.

Consider the different kinds of lighting you want to install that can make the room comfortable to be in before, during, and after you watch a movie, sports events, or engage in gaming. We recommend dimmable sconces or recessed lights, so you can consistently achieve the perfect lighting level. 

Work with your designer to determine a surround sound system and install a projector or other means of media play. Be sure your system set up is easy to use and provides access to your favorite entertainment, whether gaming, cable, streaming services, or DVDs. It's also a good idea to insulate your basement theater to keep unwanted sounds out.

Finish your home theater with comfortable couches and shelving where you can store your movie memorabilia.

#2: Kids Play Room

Whether you are a parent or grandparent, a great playroom is a massive advantage if small children are part of your life. Contain the kid clutter by keeping it out of sight and out of your main living spaces. A basement is an excellent place to create a "Kid Zone" that is fun — and doesn't panic when guests come over unannounced. Build in storage, playscapes, a climbing wall, or a simple wide-open space for your kids to play. 

#3: In-Law Apartment

Whether you have young adults living at home, older family members who live with you, or guests that visit regularly, an in-law apartment can be a real treat for everyone in your home. Retain privacy and keep the peace with a basement apartment. You could even consider renting out your suite for additional income.

A basement "suite" doesn't have to feel like a dungeon! With the right design, a basement space can be bright, stylish, and welcoming. 

Your in-law suite should include a small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space. Even if your space isn't permanently occupied, you can still benefit from an extra bathroom and cooking space.

If you have family members who permanently live there, you may also want to think about a doorway to the outside so they can come and go separately from the main entrance; this will improve privacy and autonomy for your loved one. When you add an exterior door to the basement, it's called a walkout. Basements with bedrooms require a walkout or egress window (a window that can double as an exit) for safety.

Installing a sliding door to improve natural light or laying a patio just outside the door are two walkout ideas that can help elevate this addition into a complete, comfortable basement living space.

#4: Wine Cellar

If you enjoy collecting wine—and sharing them with your friends and relatives, you may want to consider putting it in a wine cellar. Basement wine cellar ideas include custom storage for your wine, shelves where you can show it off, and a bar for tastings.

You'll want to control the light and temperature in this room, which can be easily accomplished when working with a qualified design-build contractor. The good news is that adding a wine cellar to your Atlanta home may be easier than you think!

#5 Home Office

Stop your kids, pets, and daily commotion from distracting you as you work from home. Your work requires focus. Create a quiet space to conduct your business at home with a basement home office. Get the soundproofing and lighting just right and design an enviable accent wall to curate the perfect zoom background. Your home office creates privacy and productivity that supports your daily life.

What Can I Do with My Basement Ideas? Call Copper Sky Design & Remodel

These five ideas are just the tip of the inspiration iceberg when it comes to exploring the possibilities of taking full advantage of your unfinished basement. What's your vision for the under-utilized space in your Atlanta home? 

Whether you have industrial basement ideas or envision a sleek, modern basement space, Copper Sky Design + Remodel can help you plan, design, and create the perfect space that fits your family's lifestyle. 

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