How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Atlanta? [Updated 2021]

How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Atlanta? [Updated 2021]

Sometimes there is just no substitute for extra space. If you’ve become frustrated with trying to make do with the existing space in your Atlanta-area home (endlessly rearranging and reorganizing furniture and rooms to try to accommodate your lifestyle) the real solution may be to consider an addition to your home. But how much does a home addition cost in the Atlanta area?  Naturally, every project will be different—depending on the size and complexity of the remodel, but here are some averages for popular addition projects in the Atlanta area.


Master Suite Addition

According to the Remodeling 2021 Cost vs. Value Report Homeowners around Atlanta can expect to pay an average of $ 133,898 for a midrange Master Suite addition. Here are the basics of what is included in that price.

Add a 24x16-foot master bedroom suite over a crawlspace. The suite will include a walk-in closet/dressing area, a freestanding soaker tub, a separate 3x4-foot ceramic tile shower, and a double-bowl vanity with a solid-surface countertop. Flooring will consist of carpet for the bedroom floor and tile in the bathroom. Painting of walls, ceiling, and trim is also included. General lighting and spotlighting are also included, as is the installation of an exhaust fan.

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Upscale Master Suite Addition

If you’re looking for a more expansive and luxurious Master Suite addition, The Remodeling 2021 Cost vs. Value Report estimates the average cost to be $ 277,318. This price assumes the following features and actions.

Add a 32x20-foot master bedroom suite over a crawlspace. This will include a spacious sleeping area with lounging/sitting area adjacent to a large master bath. The room will also have custom bookcases and built-in storage with millwork details. A high-end gas fireplace with stone hearth and custom mantle will be part of the plan. The addition will also include a walk-in closet/dressing area with natural light, mirrors, and linen storage. French doors will also be installed.

The Master Bathroom includes a walk-in shower with a dual-shower (dual heads) system. The shower encasement will consist of stone-covered walls and floor and a custom frameless glass enclosure. A freestanding soaker tub is also included. The bathroom portion will have two sinks in separate custom vanities with stone countertops and large mirrors. The plan calls for the creation of a partitioned area for a luxury one-piece toilet.

Outside the bath, a 5-foot-long hospitality center with bar sink will be added, along with an under-counter refrigerator. This will be complemented by custom cabinetry with stone countertop, and microwave. Soundproofing and in-floor heating are also included.  Finishes will include custom wall finishes and hardware, general and spot lighting, and high-end lighting controls.

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Bathroom Addition

If you only want to add a midrange bathroom to your home the Remodeling 2021 Cost vs. Value Report lists the average cost at $48,541. This price is based on the following specifications.

This addition calls for adding a 6x8-foot bathroom over crawlspace with poured concrete walls. A cultured-stone vanity top with molded sink will be installed and will feature standard chrome faucets. The plan also calls for a 30x60-inch white fiberglass tub/shower with ceramic tile surround and a single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced faucet. A white, low profile toilet will be installed. A mirrored medicine cabinet is part of the plan, along with a linen storage closet or cabinet. Flooring will be ceramic tile. Trim will be installed and painted. The pricing also includes general and spotlighting, along with electrical wiring done to code.

By the way, if you’re considering adding a bathroom to an older home in the Atlanta area, you’ll want to make sure the style of your new bathroom fits in with the look of the rest of your home. Here’s a look at 5 bathroom remodel ideas from some of Atlanta’s historic homes.

Deck Additions

One of the most popular ways to expand living space is to “take things outside” to the deck. That’s particularly true in locations such as Atlanta where families can enjoy entertaining outside much of the year. If expanding your entertaining space to the deck appeals to you, you’ll have your choice between using composite material or natural wood. Here’s a look at both options.

Composite Deck Addition $19,834

This 16x20-foot deck will use pressure-treated joists supported by 4x4-inch posts anchored to concrete piers. The installation of composite deck material will be in a simple linear pattern. Features include a built-in bench and planter of the same decking material. Stairs are included, assuming three steps down to grade (yard level). A complete railing will be installed using a matching system made of the same composite as the decking material.

Natural Wood Deck Addition $13,955

This price assumes adding a 16x20-foot deck using pressure-treated joists supported by 4x4-inch posts anchored to concrete piers. The main decking will consist of pressure-treated deck boards installed in a simple linear pattern. The deck also includes a built-in bench and planter made from the same decking material. Stairs are included, assuming three steps down to grade (yard level. A complete railing system will be constructed, using pressure-treated wood posts, railings, and balusters.

You'll notice that a composite deck addition costs roughly $6,000 more than a natural wood deck. Keep in mind, however, that the composite deck never requires sanding or staining. Composite boards won't warp the way natural wood boards can. Today's composite decks are beautiful and don't look "manufactured." Still, some homeowners prefer the look and feel of natural wood. It's your choice!

“Individual Results May Vary”

We’re all familiar with the disclaimers that come with everything from diets to investment opportunities: “Individual results may vary.” That disclaimer is particularly valid when it comes to home remodeling projects. That’s because no two home renovations are alike and there are so many different variables. Consider the costs highlighted here as baseline figure intended to give you a general idea for purposes of budgeting. The size and scope (complexity) of your specific project will impact the cost. The particular materials and fixtures you choose will also influence your final costs. The only way to get a truly accurate estimate is to consult your renovation company and go over the specifics of your particular project.

[Updated February 2021]

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