How to Tastefully Incorporate Wallpaper in Your Atlanta Home Remodel

How to Tastefully Incorporate Wallpaper in Your Atlanta Home Remodel

While the all-white, minimalist, neutral look is still popular, there's been a shift toward more colorful, quirky, and fun home interiors. 

With patterns and bold design statements making their way into the mainstream, wallpaper, an interior flourish known for infusing personality into a space, is becoming more and more popular.

The design experts at Copper Sky Design + Remodel are here with our insights! We'll give you the low-down on trends and help you sort out whether wallpaper deserves to have a place in your home. 

Is Wallpaper Going Out of Style?

No! In fact, the opposite is happening. Wallpapered living spaces are gaining traction across the interior design industry. From celebrity homes featured in Architectural Digest to do-it-yourself Instagrammers, this trend is popping up in all homes everywhere. 

Whether you're wondering how to choose wallpaper for a living room or still deciding if you want to incorporate it at all, keep reading for our tips on mastering this resurging trend. 

How Do You Coordinate Wallpaper? 

Some people are traumatized by the gaudy, floral wallpaper prints of the 90s and funky colors and patterns of the 70s and 80s. They say, "wallpaper is overrated!" 

We disagree. Wallpaper can be a wonderful addition to your home; this Instagram reel featuring homes with eye-popping wallpaper designs is proof! 

All you need is a little finesse, and you can choose a wallpaper that accentuates the beauty of your home rather than detracting. 

Here are two steadfast rules our designers follow whenever using wallpaper in a home.  

Choose Your Colors Thoughtfully 

Wallpaper should feel like a natural extension of your home design. Otherwise, you end up with an accent wall that doesn't make sense with the rest of your surroundings. 

One way to ensure cohesion between your wallpaper and the rest of your home is to take a long, hard look at your color palette. If you love your natural green, cream, and brown color palette, don't choose a bright yellow or moody red wallpaper. Go for a pattern that incorporates the primary colors of your home while adding in a few complementary colors, an interesting texture, or a pattern. 

Take this gorgeous mudroom as an example. The playful dragon wallpaper adds a ton of visual interest to an otherwise utilitarian space. Yet, because it matches the deep blue cabinetry, it doesn't overwhelm the room or feel out of place. Everything about the wallpaper makes sense. We'd even argue the wallpaper is necessary to balance out the impact of the blue cabinets. Imagine how the mudroom would look if we didn't install the wallpaper and left a standard white wall. It would look off-balanced and unfininshed. 

Stunning blue mudroom with wallpaper

Match Motifs

Your wallpaper should also match the theme of your home. If you're cultivating a modern look in your living room, don't install ornate floral wallpaper. Instead, go for an abstract design, geometric pattern, or another type of contemporary wallpaper in the living room. 

When one of our clients asked us for a traditional yet sophisticated bathroom, we decided to use this classic wallpaper pattern. It matches perfectly with the brass fixtures, refurbished antique dresser (which doubles as a vanity with a functioning sink!), marble countertop, and ornate statement mirror. The wallpaper, which features black and gray branches and leaves, and adorned with little blue and green birds, packs a punch. It brings so much life and energy into this space while staying true to our client's refined, elegant style. 

Wallpaper bathroom with grey accent wallpaper

Similarly, if you want more than one pattern of wallpaper in your home, make sure they have similar motifs. Nature lovers can try a flora and fauna design in one room and a wallpaper landscape mural in the next. You can also use similar wallpaper in complementary colors to create even more cohesion. 

Wondering what motif is suitable for you? Check out this style selection wallpaper list:

  • Botanicals

  • Geometrics

  • Faux marble or wood

  • Murals

  • Grandmillienial patterns (think a contemporary twist on vintage)

  • Damask

  • Art deco

  • Textured wallpaper 

  • Animal prints

Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper 

Keep reading for more inspiration, or visit our remodeling portfolio to see how our designers utilize wallpaper in Atlanta home remodels. 

Highlight Neglected Spaces 

Some areas of our homes don't get the attention they deserve. Entrances, hallways, mudrooms and other transitional spaces are often afterthoughts, a way to get from one room to another instead of an opportunity to flex your design aesthetic. 

Spice up these neglected spaces with wallpaper for a hall wall or, if you're feeling especially experimental, try it on the ceiling. The best wallpaper for a hall or entryway is a pattern that helps set the tone for the rest of your home. Tell visitors they're in for a chill retreat with a muted wallpaper or announce your bright aesthetic with eye-popping color combinations and a playful pattern. 

Balance the Woodwork 

Wainscotting and wall paneling are interior design classics. They instantly elevate any space with a sense of traditional good taste. But if the woodwork only covers the bottom half of your wall, for example, sometimes the top half can look naked. The paneling possesses so much visual weight that the room feels unbalanced and half-finished. Wallpaper to the rescue! 

Adding wallpaper above your woodwork can complete the look. See for yourself. 

Use Wallpaper on Furniture 

Wallpaper isn't just for your walls. Add a pop of color and pattern to any piece of furniture with wallpaper. You can create depth in your bookshelves and highlight the decor within by layering the back with a subtle wallpaper print. The same principle applies to dressers, vanities, desks, and tables. 

Wallpaper as Art 

Similarly, there's a wallpaper art trend that's rising in popularity. Rather than cover their entire wall, some homeowners opt to put wallpaper in frames and hang it on the wall as eccentric art. Others add wallpaper to a wall section and frame it with wood paneling, creating a modern take on traditional wainscotting. 

Play with Pattern

Your walls shouldn't be the only place with patterns. The best designs mix and match various colors, textures, and patterns, combining them into a personalized, one-of-a-kind look. Make sure you pair your wallpaper with several other eye-catching elements — just be careful that your design features complement one another instead of competing. 

Use this dining room as a reference. The delightful teal wallpaper might be the first thing you notice, but look closer. Take a look at the floor rug. It's an entirely different pattern. However, it shares a tinge of teal (and the wallpaper has a few hints of red), which allows it to blend in easily with the boisterous wallpaper. Remember what we said about matching colors earlier? 

The textured wooden door and beamed ceiling further add to this room, balancing the whimsical patterns with sturdy lines. Even the section of white wall above the wallpaper adds to the look; it helps keep the space from being overwhelmed by the various design elements. 

Wallpaper corner

Wallpaper with the Professionals 

 Wallpaper isn't for the faint of heart. Get the advice and backup you need to conquer your wall coverings and home aesthetic with the design team at Copper Sky Design & Remodel. 

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