2017 OBIE Awards: 5 Awards, Including Whole Home Remodel Under $250k

2017 OBIE Awards: 5 Awards, Including Whole Home Remodel Under $250k

The OBIE Awards program began in 1980 as a way to recognize and feature outstanding achievements in home remodeling, new home building, marketing, and personal achievements. The program is presented by the Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Association, Inc.’s Sales and Marketing Council. It has grown to include awards for over 100 categories in the home-building industry. Every November, home builders and remodelers are invited to submit their projects, and only the most prestigious companies are selected as winners who stand out as examples of excellence among their peers.

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Best Whole House Remodel Under $250k Gold Winner

This whole home renovation in Decatur took gold for the “Whole House Remodel Under $250k” category. In this home remodel, the beauty is in the essentials. We welcomed in natural light through multiple windows and emphasized its presence through the clean whiteness of the cabinetry, full-wall subway tiles, and tall trim and baseboards.

exposed ceiling beams in newly remodeled kitchen

For contrast, we refurbished the dark, hardwood floors and incorporated them thematically through a butcher block island countertop and exposed ceiling beams. We accentuated the kitchen’s clean, symmetrical design through the unique, dual pendant lights that hang above the island.

The Stairway and Private Upstairs Sitting Room

This same dark wood and clean white combination we carried through the entire home. Notice the carefully-finished banisters, railings, and trim work. Most of the hardwood we refinished. We added the sliding barn door at the top of the stairs leading into the private sitting room as a rustic tie-in. In the upstairs sitting room, we created a warm and peaceful environment that is well-illumined by a broad, three-paneled window.

Wood stairway

The Upstairs Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom again exemplifies the same principles of cleanliness, order, and elegant simplicity found throughout the home. The space is visually and spatially free from clutter. The light gray and white, whole-wall tiling and large floor tiling presents a gorgeous, cohesive, and uninterrupted finish.

White tile bathroom

The diagonally-mullioned windows introduce plenty of light, which is granted clear passage throughout the entire room via an open floor plan and glass shower doors. The claw-foot tub balances the modernity of the walk-in shower with its comely design.

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Best Whole House Remodel Under $250k Silver Winner

This gorgeous Midtown home claimed silver for the “Best Whole House Remodel under $250k” category

In this contemporary remodel of a historic Midtown home, we left no area untouched, including the outdoors. To add curb appeal, we embellished the porch entryway with bungalow-style, clean-cut railings and posts. To make the porch itself more inviting, we added a custom-built porch swing that’s more sofa than bench with a fan and outdoor lighting above to increase comfort.

porch swing in atlanta

The Kitchen

Though simple, this kitchen is a masterpiece of design. Along one wall of the kitchen, almost all lines are harmoniously horizontal. From the lower kitchen cabinetry with its bar-pull hardware to the long stretches of open shelving and long backsplash tiling, nearly every line exists in concord. Along an adjacent wall, we find juxtaposed vertical lines of continuous upper and lower cabinetry, a tall range hood, undulating tiles, and a narrow, contemporary light fixture.

modern kitchen remodel in atlanta

Yet small, unifying details such as the long bar on the oven, the cross-sectioned glass panes, and a pair of six-over-one, double-hung windows that emphasize the verticality of their black mullions keep the adjacent walls’ directional designs from competing. Both work together in the type of perfect harmony you’d expect in a Japanese painting to create a relaxing, modern vibe.

In the background, we installed unique, black-mullioned French doors that are a present-day echo of the windows’ historic design.

colorful kitchen renovation

The Wine Cellar

This wine cellar could be any woodworker’s magnum opus of precision. Each compartment is incredibly detailed and exactly fashioned. Within this personal wine vault, each safety-deposit box cradles a palatable treasure. In the center stands a classy, custom-built cabinet with a gold-toned countertop to match the gold-toned flooring and gold labels above each wine shelf.

custom wine cellar in atlanta

The room is a sommelier’s dream. Altogether, it exemplifies what we at Copper Sky Renovations pride ourselves in: our unfailing attention to perfect craftsmanship in the details that cohere to form a perfect whole.

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Best Addition Gold Winner

This Midtown Atlanta homeowner needed more space. We accommodated this request by adding an entirely new, two-story wing to the back of the home that fits flawlessly into the original design. We added a kitchen and mudroom on the main floor and an office and master bathroom on the second floor.

Award-winning Home addition in Atlanta GA

The Kitchen

The kitchen is impressively open, both in its interior design—which includes several entrances and is centered around an island surrounded by ample floor space—and also in its four-paneled glass doors that open into the backyard. The material selection itself reflects the outdoor world the room embraces.

Award-winning Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta GA

The natural wood of the cabinetry, the butcher block island countertop, and the unique, earth-toned epoxy flooring all suggest a pure marriage of man-made structures with the natural environment. An office addition situated directly above the kitchen preserves this same charm of biophilic design. A row of windows, combined with high ceilings and light-neutral wall paints, welcome in and make the most of the sunlight. Rich, red hardwood floors and an exposed hardwood beam above provide a peaceful aura that is unique to the outside world.

Also upstairs, the master bathroom continues this environmental embrace in its own way. Like the kitchen and office, it emphasizes natural light, but since its privacy constraints leave less room for windows, it maximizes the natural light it does have through the use of large mirrors, transparent glass, reflective tiles, and light colors. 

Award-winning Bathroom addition in Atlanta GA

The layout is again open, and visual lines are uninterrupted. Like the rest of this home addition in Atlanta, the bathroom unites all the comforts of the indoors with all the serenity of the outdoors. 

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Best Kitchen Under 50k 

This submission took gold for the "Best Kitchen Under 50k" category. The OBIE Awards program, which is sponsored by the Atlanta Home Builder’s Association, exists to distinguish excellent home building, home remodeling, and marketing and personal achievements, and we are honored to claim a place in its award booklet under multiple categories.

Our client had a clear vision for this space. Update the overall look and feel of her old, outdated kitchen, and replace it with something modern, sleek, and compelling- all for under $50,000. 

modern kitchen remodel in atlanta

Our designer created a plan to install new cabinets, appliances, countertops, lighting, and backsplash. We also devised a plan to remove the existing windows and replace them on a different wall, making more sense for the overall layout. 

modern kitchen remodel

We used an IKEA cabinet in high gloss white along with a white quartz cabinet. For a modern look, we used blue poly carb material in the bar and brilliant pink poly carb behind the range. 

Floating shelves and modern lighting fixtures were added for additional color. 

Unique Lighting and Colorful wall

Using pieces of modern decoration the client had on hand, we were able to transform this space into the sleek, modern home the client envisioned. 

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Best Bathroom Over $25k Gold Winner

We at Copper Sky are honored to be included in this award-winning list for our recent bathroom remodel, and we invite you to take a look inside. The bathroom is exquisitely elegant. Its clean lines, simple layout, harmonious colors, and carefully-selected decor radiate an inviting, spa-like ambiance.

large bathroom renovation

A simple color scheme composed of whites, soft grays, and saturated blues creates an atmosphere that is at once soothing and regenerating. A centrally open floor plan with a visually uninterrupted flow from end to end, preserved by zero-threshold, glass shower doors, imbues the room with a feeling of spaciousness, while the dual vanity offers plenty of out-of-sight storage for linens and personal items.

his and hers sinks in bathroom remodel

The tall baseboards, intricate cabinetry, and old-fashioned soaker tub enhance the room design with historic charm. The variety of alternating tile shapes and sizes that often extend all the way to the ceiling, minimalistic, rimless glass pieces like the shower door and vanity mirrors, and sleek metal accents lend a modern edge. All elements fit flawlessly together to form a tightly cohesive whole. 

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Best Bathroom Over $25k Silver Winner

The first thing you’ll notice about this historically stylized bathroom remodel is its strict black-and-white color scheme. Yet the presentation is far from monotone. The arts and crafts movement was born out of a distaste for architecture and décor that was becoming increasingly industrial, impersonal, and excessively ornate.

t emphasized simple and well-made construction that understood the merits of individual materials and the needs of their users.

modern bathroom remodel in atlanta

This is the guiding spirit we instilled in this bathroom renovation—no design is excessive, yet every design is tastefully constructed. Notice, for example, the small hexagonal flooring tiles. Separately, they are humble, yet when carefully arranged together, with black grouting to underscore their individuality, they compose a mosaic-like masterpiece.

Our attention to incorporating details appropriate to the era extends to every element of the remodel, including the custom cabinetry with its grooves, panels, and vintage, bin-pull hardware. The mirrored medicine cabinets above the sink are set inside thick trim work and fastened with vintage latches. Even the faucets, with their separate hot and cold handles, imitate period fixtures.

vintage clawfoot tub

The shower includes a built-in nook with individual tile work set inside. Again in honor of the arts and crafts movement, a custom-made, frosted, stain-glass window with a simple and elegantly-executed design introduces natural light.

The only modern element in the bathroom—the frameless glass shower door—is unobtrusively incorporated to enhance rather than detract from these period pieces. The overall result is a tightly unified, award-winning bathroom remodel that highlights the best features of its historic, Atlanta, GA, home. 

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