Copper Sky Earns Eight Awards Including Remodeler of the Year

Copper Sky Earns Eight Awards Including Remodeler of the Year

Every year, Copper Sky Renovations brings home a handful of wins from the prestigious and competitive Obie Awards. This competition, orchestrated by the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council, seeks to highlight professionals doing their part to make homes in the area look their best. This year, we are delighted to share that we earned seven gold awards for our hard work, as well as Remodeler of the Year for the third year running. With these lovely finished projects, it is not difficult to see how we did it.

Gold/First Place: Kitchen Under $50K

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One look at this Mid Century Revival in Buckhead reveals a functional yet classic aesthetic reminiscent of the 1960s. Only a few modern touches reveal that the images are current. The combination of minimalist cabinetry, textured backsplashes, retro furniture, and lighting creates a comfortable space that harks back to a different world.

Custom Oak Cabinetry

The custom oak cabinetry in a rich, warm stain shaves a few decades off the current trends. European-style cabinetry conceals the pulls, while the built-in appliances create the sense that everything is meant to be there. The solid white countertops appear vintage and create a lovely contrast. A blue ceramic backsplash in the shape of glass bottles and beakers adds a little texture to the otherwise clean and uncluttered space.

Retro Dining Area

The dining area really helps to unite the design and situate it within a 1960s aesthetic. The wood paneling, artistic chandelier, and the two-tone, bright orange Blomquist dining chairs feel vintage. Space is perfectly positioned next to the side of the kitchen for discussions during food preparation, or simply sitting to enjoy the open feel of the room.

Tons of Natural Light

The expansion of natural lighting is one modern upgrade that this remodel features in spades. Oversized custom windows dramatically open up this kitchen to nearby living spaces and the world beyond. The client has a dramatic woodland view outside the kitchen and lounge area. Extending the windows to the entire height of the wall lets the world in, flooding the area with natural but indirect lighting.

Gold/First Place: Kitchen Over $50K

Gold/First Place Kitchen

This Mid Century Modern kitchen renovation in Ansley required our team to think outside the box. While the style offers a classic, yet modern contrast of color temperatures, the client wanted a kitchen space that felt comfortable, not cold. A division of several workstations presented a unique challenge for our team, to provide a sustainably-built, useful space with no jagged edges in the layout or flow.

Color Contrasts

Two-tone cabinetry creates a sense of lightness from below, with the dark brown high cabinets providing hints of rich and decadent history. Instead of a wall of upper cabinets, the kitchen features open shelving. The design provides more opportunity for the striking gray backsplash to contrast boldly with the copper countertops.

Open Design

The open layout of the kitchen helps to unify the six workstations in a seamless way. The copper countertops reclaimed wood bar and light-stained lower cabinetry coordinate perfectly. The addition of large windows and skylights in the adjoining living room helps to expand the natural lighting without feeling harsh.

Reclaimed Wood Bar

The client expressed a preference for the most sustainable materials possible without compromising on quality. For the expansive bar that separates the kitchen from the lounge area, our team relied on reclaimed wood. The black leather seating spreads out across the bar, providing ample space for sharing a drink, snacking, or a chat with the chef.

Gold/First Place: Addition

OBIE Award Winning Addition

When the client first came to Copper Sky to talk about his addition in Atlanta, he had a number of problems to solve. The homeowner had a small collection of luxury and vintage vehicles that required appropriate storage. He also wanted a comfortable place for guests to sleep during visits. Our team’s solution was a carriage home addition with a two-car garage and sleeping area above. We tailored the exterior to coordinate seamlessly with the client’s home adjacent.

Classic Carriage House

The carriage house offers modern function with an old-world feel. Wood garage doors in a French-style open out instead of rolling up, creating the sense that the house might have been there a century earlier. Inside, the client finds a clean space perfect for housing valuable cars.

Elegant Exterior

From the exterior of the ground floor of the carriage house, the client can take an elegant stone staircase to the door of the home above. The steel railing mimics wrought iron, lending a classic look that is strong and durable.

Luxury Living Space

The cozy living area combines luxury and function. A small kitchenette wraps around one corner, with all the basics that guests need. The living room features a Murphy bed for easy conversion to bedtime. A simple ladder on a railing leads to a small loft for additional sleeping space. A three-piece bathroom with staggered square tiles and a glass-enclosed shower feels simple but current. Sets of muntin windows provide a classic appearance without compromising the available light. A door opens to reveal a balcony overlooking the nearby golf course.

Gold/First Place: Whole House Renovation $250K-$500K

Whole House Renovation First Place

This transitional whole home remodels in Smyrna are guaranteed to catch the eye with its bright colors and rich textures. The large home, built in a Folk Victorian style, desperately needed an interior update to make it more functional. Rather than select from a subdued palette, the client wanted to go big and bright, with surprising pops of color in every room.

Colorful Window Designs

Many homes of this vintage sport original stained-glass windows. Our team helped to unify the interior and exterior colors with a rainbow-hued stained-glass window in the foyer. The blue matches the classic siding on the exterior. The deep yellow-orange gives hints of the colors to be caught inside.

Modern Kitchen

Inside, the spacious kitchen is a chef’s dream come true. Teal blue concrete tile contrasts with the white countertops and warm brown flooring. There is a ton of character in the wood our team selected for the flooring and butcher block countertop for the island. A wide grain and visible knots give this modern, commercial-quality kitchen a touch of rustic goodness to balance out the white.

Bright, Stylish Bathroom

The bathroom takes a few early 20th Century elements and brings them into contrast with modern styles. The small, hexagon tiles of the flooring act as a blank canvas for the rest of the layout. Shaker cabinets in a bold green positively burst out of the pale green walls, with nothing but a white marble sink and countertop to distract. The client did not have to compromise between a mirror and window space. Our team installed a circular mirror with a ring light without blocking natural light.

Gold/First Place: Whole House Renovation Over $500K

OBIE Award Home Home Renovation

Finding the right approach for this whole home remodel in Poncey Highlands required careful consideration. This home built in the Georgian style had tons of character already. Our team devised a plan to make every room current and functional, without compromising any of its historic charms.

Coordinated Kitchen

The kitchen borrows a few elements from the current trends and builds upon them. The cabinetry boasts a beachy, seafoam green with elaborate molding around the top. Dark gray elements in the lighting and range hood coordinate with the walls of the living room adjacent. The dining room leans heavily on gray décor, with gold tufted chairs in a reading nook in the corners.

Casual Living Room

The natural light of the living room lends a softness to the décor, inviting homeowners to sit and relax. The black background with veins of gold for the built-in fireplace and TV unify the elements of warmth and cool in this room. Exposed wood beams and copper candles in the chandelier add hints of rustic beauty.

All-Season Sunroom

The sunroom features a variety of contrasts, mostly in textures. Rough brick in the fireplace matches the stone flooring and draws shades of warm brown down from the vaulted ceiling. Patterned rugs and pillows create interest to break up the solid color chairs and couch.

Gold/First Place: Residential Exterior

At first glance, the residential exterior remodels for this home in Carden may not seem to be new. The classic brickwork for the chimney has a distinctly weathered appearance. The same is true for the vintage retaining walls that separate the driveway from the front gardens. Our team’s goal for the project was to provide a necessary update in a style to suit the client, without removing any of these timeless elements. The new exterior allows the structure to look perfectly at home among the mature trees in summertime.

Style Contrasts

The home exterior is a veritable marriage of contrasting styles. The original style for the home speaks of folk Victorian. In the update, the style resembles a bit more of a Cape Cod design, with the paired muntin windows and the straight horizontal lines of the siding. On the gable ends, the client sees an adaptation of Tudor Revival with the vertical lines in a pale slate blue. The whiteness of the walls lends a freshly white-washed sense to the whole of the structure.

Inviting Deck and Sunroom

The rear of the property has a luscious, rising ridge of greenery for the client to enjoy. The backyard deck offers low seating and exotic hardwood to coordinate with the scenery. The colors extend into the sunroom, which boasts large, geometric windows on three sides. Wicker furniture in a rustic cream and brown provide comfort without distracting the eye.

Gold/First Place: Basement

OBIE Award First Place Basement

When Copper Sky first started this basement excavation in Atlanta, there was not much underneath the home. Specifically, the client had a crawlspace and a narrow dugout for mechanical access. Our team transformed the space into a 1,250-square-foot masterpiece of elegance and practical use. The client wanted a home gym and a sauna with all the appointments.

“High-End Hotel” Bathroom

During the design stages, the client expressed a preference for a bathroom that had a “high-end hotel” feel. To achieve this, our team used Neolith stone to conceal grout lines and contrast with the cabinetry and sauna. This style features clean lines and generous space so that the client can relax after a hard workout.

Classic Gym

The most durable flooring for many indoor sports is maple. Preferred in basketball courts everywhere, our team took advantage of this fact and installed reclaimed maple boards in the client’s gym space. We left the existing paint lines on the boards, which lends an interesting touch and coordinates with the equipment. The client provided photos from a college alma mater, which we turned into murals spanning floor to ceiling. Instead of closing off the gym, we encased it in tempered glass, which is more in line with a commercial gym.

Modern Playroom

The playroom provides all the delights the client wanted for relaxation and refreshment. Here, our team brought in the warm hues from the sauna and the gym in the form of a generous leather sectional. Navy blue cabinetry creates a striking contrast with the light gray flooring.

2020 Remodeler of the Year

The Obie Awards also take an opportunity to honor professionals in the field whose work is so masterful that rewarding an individual project is simply not enough. The team at Copper Sky has managed to secure the award for Remodeler of the Year three years in a row. This year, Adam Mascola, our client relations director, earned the much-deserved accolade. Adam walks clients through the entire remodeling process, from the early stages of brainstorming to the final contracting steps. Our team is continually delighted at his ability to put even the most inexperienced clients at ease.

At Copper Sky Renovations, we know that it isn’t a house–it’s a home. Every home has the potential to become a homeowner’s pride and joy. With our focus on Atlanta’s historic homes, we have built a reputation for quality and attention to detail since 2003. We look forward to seeing the challenges that our clients pose for our expert team in the years to come.


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