Project Spotlight: Morningside Cottage Renovation

Project Spotlight: Morningside Cottage Renovation

Get ready to explore secret hideouts, elegant bathrooms, and a masterclass in perfectly employing wallpaper and tile for historic homes. The Morningside Cottage Renovation is a standout example of how Copper Sky Design + Remodel transforms historic homes to meet modern living needs while preserving their unique charm. Originally built in 1926, this 1,800-square-foot bungalow, located in the picturesque Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, was bursting with potential but constrained by space. Copper Sky Design + Remodel was thrilled to thoughtfully update the flow of the home for this family of four by converting the attic into a livable second floor, adding two new bedrooms, a Jack ‘n’ Jill bathroom, and multiple hangout spaces. We cannot wait to show you around this newly re-imagined home.

Project Scope & Objectives

This Morningside bungalow renovation began with the need to accommodate a growing family within the existing structure while maintaining its historic integrity. Copper Sky Design + Remodel expanded the original three-bedroom, two-bathroom layout by converting the unused attic space into a functional second floor. On the main floor, you'll find a fantastic new mudroom and laundry space and remodeled primary en suite.

  • Attic Conversion: The attic became a livable space with the addition of room-heightening dormers and a new staircase.
  • Additional Bedrooms: The attic now boasts two new bedrooms with windows that provide an abundance of natural light and symmetry.
  • Jack ‘n’ Jill Bathroom: The new attic space between the new bedrooms features a spacious bathroom with dual vanities, a separate shower, and a toilet.
  • Lounge Area: An open lounge area, highlighted by a preserved exposed brick chimney, serves as a central hub on the second floor.
  • Play Space: A hidden play area was incorporated into an existing dormer, accessible from one of the children’s bedrooms.
  • Mudroom and Main Floor Laundry: An updated space for daily necessities with an added pop of color.
  • Primary Bathroom Remodel: Luxe upgrades, including a wet room with a soaker tub, present a private oasis. 

Challenges and Solutions

Space Constraints 

This addition brought in abundant natural light and created a cohesive look from the street view. The original attic, with its low ceiling height, was insufficient for the living space the family needed. To overcome this, three dormers were added to the front of the home. These dormers provided the necessary height and space and introduced eyebrow windows that complemented the original arched windows on the first story. 

Staircase and Living Room Integration

The home’s original staircase leading to the attic was limited in space and didn't allow for easy access to the attic area. To solve this, Copper Sky Design + Remodel opened up a wall in the living room, allowing ample space for a new staircase with custom iron balusters. Beyond improving access to the new second floor, this staircase to the upstairs lounge area is now a stunning focal point of the main floor.


Preserving Historical Elements

The living room’s chimney also posed a design challenge. Rather than concealing it, Copper Sky Design + Remodel chose to preserve and incorporate the exposed brick chimney into the new upstairs lounge area. The added warmth and authenticity this detail lends to the central hub on the second floor contributes to the historic integrity and charm of this Morningside cottage.

  • Landing_Before_McCreery
  • landing_design_morningside_atlanta_ga

Design Features

Upstairs Landing and Lounge Area

At the top the stairs a new landing and lounge area connects the children's bedrooms. Copper Sky Design + Remodel incorporated custom storage solutions to conceal clutter and a thoughtful layout creates an open hangout area for the family. The addition of dormers creates height in the room and allows natural light to flood the space. The bold wallpaper adds a pop of color and uniqueness to the reimagined second story.


Jack and Jill Bathroom

This bathroom is a vibrant, contemporary space that serves the children’s bedrooms with style and efficiency. A striking floral wallpaper sets a lively tone, complemented by a round mirror with a gold frame that adds a modern touch. The rich green vanity introduces a fresh, bold color that pairs perfectly with the black fixtures, creating a balanced and sophisticated look. The black and white patterned mosaic floor tiles add texture and visual interest, making the bathroom a timeless and vibrant space.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Wallpaper Morningside Atlanta Georgia | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Play Space Integration

The original attic had a bump-out with a low ceiling, which Copper Sky Design + Remodel creatively converted into a whimsical nook with a soft touch, creating an inviting and playful entrance to the hidden play space. What’s a children’s space without a little whimsy? A small arched window within the nook allows natural light to filter in, enhancing the space's charm. Built-in seating with integrated storage drawers offers practical solutions for keeping toys and books organized. Custom cabinet doors seamlessly conceal the play space when not in use, maintaining the room's neat appearance.

  • play room before Morning Side Cottage-1
  • play room after Morning Side Cottage-1


The mudroom features a bold mustard yellow built-in shelving unit, which brings a cheerful and modern touch to the space. Geometric-patterned floor tiles in shades of pink and white provide a vibrant base, while a contemporary multi-bulb light fixture ensures the room is well-lit and stylish. Efficient storage solutions, including built-in shelving and hooks, keep the space organized. The functional laundry area, complete with a sleek washer and dryer, is complemented by a minimalist utility sink and white cabinetry for additional storage, offering a sunny space that works.

Laundry Mudroom Morningside Atlanta Georgia | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Primary Bathroom 

The primary bathroom is designed as a luxurious retreat, featuring a sleek freestanding tub inside an elegant wet room that serves as a focal point. Behind the tub, a natural stone feature wall with bold veining adds drama and elegance. Custom built-in wooden shelving with glass-fronted cabinets provides ample storage and display space, enhanced by brass fixtures that add a touch of sophistication. The dual vanities with marble countertops and wooden cabinetry offer style and echo the wood tones in the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. An arched entryway into the bathroom enhances the architectural charm and authenticity, and a section of dark floral wallpaper adds a bold, artistic element to the space.


Features and Highlights

Vanities with Carrara Marble Top

The newly updated primary bathroom features a stunning vanity with a Carrara marble top and stunning statement wallpaper accents. This choice of material adds a luxurious feel and timeless elegance to the space. The dual vanities provide ample storage and counter space, making morning routines more convenient for everyone. 

  • bathroom_remodel_morningside_atlanta_ga (1)
  • bathroom_vanity_mirror_morningside_atlanta_ga

Shower Wall Tile Ideas 

In the primary bath, the shower tiles stand in a stately vertical stack, providing a masterclass in tile layout options to match the spa-like vibe. The satin brass hardware perfectly complements the silver tone of the wall tile. The shower floor boasts a geometric patterned mosaic glass tile that provides a unique contrast to the shower walls.

Primary Bathroom Shower Morningside Atlanta Georgia | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Natural Light and Dormer Windows

To address the issue of low ceiling height in the attic, Copper Sky added three dormers and eyebrow windows. These architectural elements increased the usable space and flooded the second floor with natural light. The dormers provide a balanced symmetry to the exterior, enhancing the home’s curb appeal. Inside, the natural light creates a bright and welcoming environment, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Functional Layout and Flow

The layout of the new space was carefully planned to make movement through daily life easy and intuitive. The open lounge area on the second floor serves as a central hub, connecting the two children’s bedrooms. Additional mudroom and laundry space on the main floor contain clutter and equip the family to handle the gear and laundry from every season. The new main floor layout, including a newly imagined staircase with custom iron balusters. 

Environmental Considerations 

Sustainability was also a key consideration in the renovation. Energy-efficient windows and insulation significantly improved the home’s energy performance. Ample natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting, further enhancing the home’s energy efficiency. Copper Sky also chose durable and low-maintenance materials to minimize environmental impact and ensure the home remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

Copper Sky Design + Remodel is Excited to Create Your Bespoke Atlanta Remodel

If you're inspired by this transformation and looking to enhance your own home, Copper Sky Design + Remodel is here to help. Our expertise in creating stunning, efficient, cohesive spaces tailored to your needs makes us one of the top home builders and remodelers in Atlanta. Contact us today to start your next home renovation project.

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