Your Guide to Adding a Playroom During a Home Remodel

Your Guide to Adding a Playroom During a Home Remodel

As all parents know, having a child is one of the most beautiful, most life-changing, and, if we’re being honest, most challenging life experiences. One of the best ways to allow your child to imaginatively and safely recreate while also guarding your own sanity is to create a designated area for them to explore the world. Here’s your guide to incorporating the perfect playroom into your remodel in Atlanta, GA.

The Future of Your Playroom

When you design your playroom, you’ll want to think about its future as well as its present. On the one hand, you want the room to feel special for you children, but on the other, you won’t want to make drastic remodeling decisions that will leave you unable to transition the room back into a bedroom/home office/flex room when the kids have outgrown it. Our suggestions below are consciously designed so that your children can feel comfortable in their playroom while you have the comfort of knowing you can eventually transition it.

Make it a Family Project

One of the best ways to make your playroom remodel in Atlanta feel special to your kids is to get them involved in the project early. After you’ve chosen a space in your home, allow them to help you use their imaginations to choose a theme, favorite colors, and favorite toys and activities they want to feature.

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More importantly still, let your children help you create the finishing touches of the space, even if it’s something as small as hanging their artwork on the walls after you’ve hung a cork board.

Keep it Organized

Even though one of the best things about having a designated playroom is that you don’t have to worry about how the room will appear to company, you’ll still want to keep the space organized so that you and your children can enjoy it fully. To that end, design your room with storage as a primary consideration, being sure to implement built-in bookshelves, windows seats with storage, or even peg boards to hang toys.

Next, label storage areas, baskets, etc., with words and pictures of different categories for different toys. Not only will this help keep your playroom organized, but it will also teach your children how to sort and how to read, two very important early skillsets. If you have more than one child, you can even assign particular storage areas for each and allow them to personalize their own so that they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Create Specialized Spaces

Another way to keep your room organized is through its overall layout: create an arts and crafts corner to house mini desks, chairs, chalkboards, and other art supplies, create a dress-up or toy truck area and designate it with a rug, and set aside a nap area/reading nook for when your children have played hard and need to rest.

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The Extras

Finally, lighting and paint are extremely important. Make sure your kids are getting plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight through large windows, and allow them to pick out funky lighting fixtures and vibrant paints to personalize the space.

These “extras” are easy to transform into a mature, adult room once your kids have outgrown their playroom, and they also provide enough of a dynamic change to truly make the space feel like a kid zone, especially if you’re feeling adventurous and want to let your kids help you paint shapes or animals on the wall with stencils! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the experience of creating this special space that you can easily adjust and enjoy as a flex room as the years go by.

Create Secret Spaces

Kids love secrets—even if they’re sometimes not good about keeping them! There’s something intriguingly fun about having a playroom that’s hidden behind a secret door. Creating a secret space for your kids makes that space feel extra special. Your kids will love showing off their hideaway to their friends. This can work particularly well in an attic where the roof line drops and the lower part of the ceiling doesn't lend itself to use by taller adults. The grownups can use the part of the room with higher ceilings for a study, a spare bedroom, or even a child's bedroom. Your child then has a "private" space for playing—and storing toys.

Hidden Playroom in Atlanta GA


Take Advantage of Unused Space

Many holder homes have unused space beneath the stairs that can be easily adapted to make a cozy and fun play space for children. Sometimes kids simply need a place to get away by themselves to read, think, or daydream. A small, under-the stairway escape could be just the ticket (and make your child feel a bit like Harry Potter!). You’ll want to wire it for lights (and maybe install an outlet or two for a fan or other devices). When your child outgrows the space, it can easily be converted into extra storage space for seldom-used items.

Dutch Door to Play Room in Atlanta GA


Multi-Use Rooms for Older Kids

Even when your kids get older, they won’t outgrow their need for a space of their own. Adolescents often crave a space where they can hang out with friends and have multiple entertainment options. An unfinished basement or attic can be a great spot to create a room that gives kids the chance to watch television, stream movies, do some gaming, play games such as ping pong, pool, or air hockey. Having a fun and attractive game room can ensure that the kids flock to your house. That way they’re close by, but don’t feel like they’re “under supervision” the whole time.

If you're serious about putting in a full-fledged pool table, you'll want to make sure your attic floor will be able to sustain it before you get too far along with your plans. The other thing you'll want to consider (regardless of where you put a room like this) is your choice of flooring. Let's be honest, kids love to snack but aren't always careful when they do—especially when there is a group of them. Make sure your flooring lends itself to easy cleanup!

Creating great and imaginative play spaces for your kids can be a blast. But like all remodeling or renovation projects, the secret to success lies in taking the time upfront to identify what you really want—and then creating a plan to make it happen. That’s where taking advantage of your remodeler’s experience and expertise really pays off.  A good remodeler can take your ideas and figure out the best way to turn those ideas into reality. 

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