Creating “Flow”: How to Make Your Atlanta Home Remodel Uniquely Yours

Creating “Flow”: How to Make Your Atlanta Home Remodel Uniquely Yours

Your powder bath is off the kitchen. Your bedrooms are on top of each other other.  The kids' playroom is upstairs which makes it impossible to keep an eye on them when you're on the main floor. Do these issues sound familiar? It might be time to remodel your home to get the updated layout that better fits your family's lifestyle. Improving the flow of your living space can enhance functionality, improve daily living, and even increase your home's value.

Copper Sky Design + Remodel of Atlanta are expert design-build remodelers with the tools you need to plan the perfect flow. We’re happy to help you explore the concept of flow in home design, providing practical tips and insights to help you achieve a seamless, intuitive space that meets your needs and preferences. Explore various ways to optimize flow throughout your home, from open-concept floor plans to circular room designs and more. 

What is "Flow" in a Home?

In the context of home design, "flow" refers to how the rooms and spaces in a home are arranged and connected in a natural and intuitive way. A house that flows well allows for easy movement and circulation, with rooms that are logically connected and accessible. Of course, everyone moves through their home for their daily routines a little differently. That’s why designing a home with a layout and features that flow can be a personal process, part of the fun of creating a remodel that’s uniquely yours. To remodel a home for better flow, consider the following ways to enhance movement and communication throughout your home.

Create an open floor plan: Open up the space between rooms by removing walls, creating archways, or using half-walls, which can create a more cohesive living space and allow for better communication and unencumbered movement.

Pay attention to your traffic patterns: Ensure that the flow of people moving through the home is as smooth as possible. This means providing enough space between furniture and having clear paths between rooms. Consider wider spaces for moving through higher-traffic areas, such as the living room to kitchen transition, so you never collide with family or friends during a busy moment. 

Consider sightlines: When redesigning the home's layout, keep in mind the view from one room to another. This can help create a sense of continuity, make the space feel more open, and help you plan where you’re headed and what you’ll do when you get there.

Use color and materials to create continuity: Consistent use of color and materials throughout the home can help develop a sense of unity and flow between rooms. Choosing your favorite look and feel to welcome you as you enter each new space will boost your mood and remind you of the effort you invested in perfecting your space.

How Do You Arrange the Main Floor to Make it Flow Efficiently?

If you’re designing a brand-new layout for your treasured family home, you might need to view floor plans of homes that flow well, and gather concrete examples to kickstart your plan. Here are some practical tips for arranging excellent flow.

Centralized staircase: Placing the staircase in a central location can help create a natural flow between the different levels of the home. This can be especially useful in homes with multiple levels or split-level designs.

Circular flow: A circular layout that connects rooms in a circular or oval pattern can create a sense of continuity and flow throughout the home. This is often seen in homes with central atriums or courtyards or homes with common living spaces such as the kitchen located centrally. 

Primary suite separation: Separating the primary bedroom and bathroom from the other bedrooms can create a more private and tranquil space and offer everyone a little privacy. This also allows for a clear separation between the living areas and the sleeping areas.

Outdoor living: Incorporating outdoor living spaces, such as a patio or deck, into the home's design can create a natural flow between indoor and outdoor areas and offer natural extensions of your living space. This can also help maximize natural light and create a more spacious feel.

How Do You Create a Kitchen That Flows?

Nowhere is excellent flow and layout more important than in the kitchen. Although we can make general recommendations, personalized kitchen layouts will support how you cook in a way that allows for easy movement and access to various areas, such as cooking and food prep stations, appliances, and storage areas. Here are some design elements that can help create a kitchen with good flow.

Double kitchen islands: Having two islands in a kitchen can create a clear separation between cooking and prep areas, seating, and other island tasks. This can help prevent congestion and allow for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time without getting in each other's way.

Walk-in pantry: A walk-in pantry can be an excellent addition to a kitchen, especially in larger households. It can provide ample storage space for food items, as well as small appliances and cooking equipment. This can help keep the main kitchen area clutter-free and easier to navigate.

Triangular work zones: The "work triangle" is a classic kitchen design concept that refers to the arrangement of the sink, stove, and refrigerator in a triangular formation. By placing these three elements in close proximity to one another, it can create an efficient and ergonomic workflow. This design is especially useful in smaller kitchens and less relevant when you include more prep space and elements. 

Custom cabinets that work: Keep frequently used items within easy reach and accessible with the perfect pull-outs and precisely placed shelving. Add a pet food station, step stools, or built-in safety gates to make your kitchen feel magical, as everything is easily at your fingertips. 

Interested in more resources to plan your remodel? We’ve got lots of complementary information in our resource library here.

Let’s Dream it Up and Build it Right Together

Copper Sky Design + Remodel is the right choice for your custom home remodel that optimizes flow. Our team has years of experience in luxury design and employs skilled artisans to ensure each project is completed to the highest standard. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life together!


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