20 Acts of Charity

20 Acts of Charity

As Copper Sky Design + Remodel marks its 20th year of crafting beautiful spaces in Atlanta, we made a commitment to focus our efforts on more than just design and craftsmanship this year. In a heartfelt tribute to the community that has supported us through two decades, our team embarked on a meaningful journey – completing 20 acts of charity in 2023. This initiative is not just about celebration; it's a profound gesture of gratitude, a way to give back to the community that has been our foundation and support. Join us as we reflect on this journey, highlighting our partnerships, experiences, and the undeniable impact of giving back.

Our Commitment to Community

At Copper Sky, our connection with the community goes beyond business. We believe in building relationships, nurturing bonds, and reinforcing our social responsibility. When pondering how best to celebrate our 20th anniversary, the answer was clear: channel our efforts into the community that has been the cornerstone of our success. This commitment led to the conception of "20 Acts of Charity" – a goal that mirrors our dedication to enhancing lives, not just through remodeling homes but by touching hearts and making a tangible difference in our community. It’s our way of saying thank you and paying forward the support and trust we've received over the years.

Partnerships with Local Nonprofits

In our quest to make a significant impact, we sought out partnerships with various local nonprofits whose missions align with our values and vision for a better community. These collaborations were carefully chosen to ensure that our efforts would not only contribute positively but would also resonate with the diverse needs of Atlanta. By volunteering our time and raising funds, we aimed to support these organizations in their noble endeavors to improve lives, nurture the environment, and strengthen our community. Each partnership was an opportunity for the Copper Sky team to learn, grow, and be inspired by the incredible work being done at the grassroots level.

A Peek into Some of Our Nonprofit Partners

Atlanta Moms Making a Difference

We were honored to partner with Atlanta Moms Making a Difference. This incredible organization embodies the spirit of community and compassion, and our team was privileged to support their mission. This organization spearheads many local community campaigns. Each effort was aimed at empowering and uplifting families across Atlanta, resonating deeply with our core values of community and care.

Free 99 Fridge

We were proud to collaborate with Free 99 Fridge, an inspiring group dedicated to addressing food insecurity in our city. Our involvement was driven by a shared commitment to ensuring access to nutritious food for all. The Copper Sky team was pleased to engage with a cause that not only feeds bodies but also nurtures the soul of our community.

20 Acts of Charity | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Friends of Zonolite Park

We concentrated some of our efforts on Friends of Zonolite Park, where our engagement focused on enhancing this vital green space within our community. Working alongside this dedicated organization, we contributed to fostering a healthier, more sustainable environment and preserving and beautifying a space that offers refuge and recreation to the people of Atlanta. Located adjacent to our office, Zonolite Park is truly one of Atlanta's hidden gems.  

Furnish with Love

Our collaboration with Furnish with Love was an incredibly rewarding experience, aligning perfectly with our passion for transforming spaces. We contributed to their mission of providing comfortable and beautiful living spaces for families in need. It was a project that not only allowed us to use our skills but also to witness the transformative power of a well-furnished home on individuals and families.

The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta is focused on helping families transition out of homelessness and displacement. We played a role in bringing comfort and stability to numerous clients. This collaboration was particularly poignant, as it echoed our belief in the importance of creating secure and nurturing living environments. Our team had loads of fun as we broke into teams to see which one could assemble the most pieces of Ikea furniture.  

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity, an organization whose vision of ensuring everyone has a decent place to live, has a robust and significant presence in the Atlanta area. By donating materials and supplies to be sold in Habitat's ReStore, we are proud to contribute toward raising the funds they need to create safe and affordable housing. This partnership was a profound reminder of the impact thoughtful, well-constructed homes can have on families and communities.

20 Acts of Charity | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Lifecycle Building Center

We joined forces with Lifecycle Building Center, an organization committed to sustainable building practices. We supported their efforts to reclaim and reuse building materials. This not only helped reduce waste but also promoted sustainable practices in our industry, a cause we are deeply passionate about.

Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Lifeline Animal Project

Copper Sky joined forces with Lifeline Animal Project, where our team’s love for animals translated into involvement aimed at improving the welfare of animals in our community. We were able to amplify our donation with a fundraiser/raffle at our annual party, where clients and friends of Copper Sky could contribute as well.  

Our Giving Garden

We enjoyed a partnership with Our Giving Garden, an organization dedicated to cultivating community and nutrition through urban gardening. Our team's involvement was rooted in supporting their initiatives to grow and provide fresh produce for local families. 

The Sandwich Project

Our work also aligned us with The Sandwich Project, an initiative that addresses hunger in our city. Our team played a part in their mission to feed those in need. It was an eye-opening experience that brought us closer to understanding and addressing the immediate needs of our fellow Atlantans.

The Sandwich Project | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Second Helpings Atlanta

Copper Sky enjoyed working with Second Helpings Atlanta, an organization dedicated to reducing hunger and food waste in the metro area. This partnership allowed us to contribute directly to combating food insecurity and underscored the importance of community efforts in tackling such critical issues.

20 Acts of Charity | Copper Sky Design + Remodel

Solidarity Sandy Springs

Throughout the year, Solidarity Sandy Springs works to lessen the impact of food insecurity for families in the community. Copper Sky finished out the year of 20 Acts of Charity by partnering with the organization for their 4th annual Adopt-A-Family holiday program, which is designed to help overlooked families feel uplifted and supported during the holiday season.    

Looking Forward

Inspired by this year's achievements, Copper Sky Design + Remodel is more committed than ever to continuing our journey of giving back. We look forward to exploring new partnerships, engaging in more community projects, and finding innovative ways to contribute positively to our city. Our mission goes beyond remodeling homes; it's about building a better, stronger, and more connected Atlanta.

We invite you to join us in this ongoing endeavor to better our community. Here's to many more years of community partnership, design excellence, innovation, and transforming dreams into reality. If you're looking for a partner in remodeling your home with a team that values community as much as craftsmanship. Contact Copper Sky Design + Remodel today.


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