10 Must-See Kitchens in Atlanta [Updated June 2020]

10 Must-See Kitchens in Atlanta [Updated June 2020]

How are Atlanta’s top designers remodeling their kitchens? It’s helpful to track trends as you prepare for your own remodel, but it’s equally rewarding to scout innovative designs that are likely to blossom into trends. Today, let’s take a tour of the top 10 cutting-edge kitchen designs in Atlanta, GA.

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Kitchen #1: Kitchen Renovation in Midtown

modern kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

This charismatic kitchen remodel is bursting with vibrancy without being overbearing. The light grays and whites that set the stage for a relaxed kitchen ambiance are balanced by the bright orange bursts of color in the industrial oven, accent pieces, and wall hangings. The large hexagonal tiles behind the stove top add extra dimension.

Kitchen #2: Nurtured by Nature

craftsman kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

Do you love the outdoors? Then you may want to take notes on this kitchen’s biophilic design that invites nature into everyday living. The wide French doors provide direct access to an outdoor patio while the warm wooden cabinets, butcher block countertops, and burnt sienna, high-gloss epoxy floors echo natural earth tones. 

Kitchen #3: Brass is Back

traditional kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

Although compromised functionality necessitated this kitchen renovation, the result is nothing short of a compositional masterpiece. The perfectly symmetrical placement of the island, barstools, and chandeliers is balanced by the slight asymmetry of the cabinetry and windows in the wall behind. The drawer and door pulls join the barstool legs and white oak floors in reiterating the sophisticated brass lighting accents.

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Kitchen #4: Apposite Opposites

tudor kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

We’ve already taken a tour together of this Decatur Tudor home, but we haven’t spent much time in its kitchen. Perhaps its most notable element is its tightly harmonized dualism of tone and time. The rich, dark, warm woods are set against clean whites while the traditional-style sink and wood paneling are contrasted with modern steel lighting and appliances. Yet all opposites are harmoniously orchestrated.

Kitchen #5: Airy and Contemporary

modern kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

Our fifth kitchen is sure to become a contemporary classic. It’s fully-saturated, high-sheen pinks and blues are supported by the simple, sheer lines of the wood flooring, steel appliances, windows, walls, and flat-faced cabinetry. The near absence of upper cabinetry shelving contributes to the overall open and airy feel.

Why Stop at 5?

Lest you think that there are only five “must-see” kitchens in the entire Atlanta area, we’d like to highlight five additional kitchens that will inspire your plans for creating a dream kitchen in your Atlanta-area home.

Kitchen #6: Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

In this transitional kitchen in Atlanta, our team installed custom blue inset cabinetry and added a reclaimed heart pine countertop bar with seating. We also incorporated a grey herringbone patterned backsplash, modern hardware, engineered Quartz countertops, and period sconces over the seated counter and sink. 

Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta GA

Although we didn't enlarge the actual layout, the kitchen felt much larger thanks to the extension of the cabinets down the room. We also changed out the original 6'-8" french doors to a pair of 8' french doors. Our team  finished off the kitchen by installing a custom bar for entertaining and all new appliances including a Wolf range and built-in refrigerator.

Kitchen #7: Stunning Gourmet Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta

If you’ve ever wondered whether traditional elements and modern style can really work together, one look at this stunning gourmet kitchen remodel in Atlanta should answer the question.

gourmet kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

The modern island (with blue accents that are echoed throughout the home) and modern lights play well with the old brick accents and the beautiful hardwood flooring. In addition to stunning good looks, this kitchen is highly functional as well. We were able to utilize every inch of available space by incorporating wall-to-wall cabinetry with open shelving, and glass-front cabinets. 

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Kitchen #8: Two Time Award-winning Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen took Gold in the 2018 OBIE Awards for Kitchen over $50K. We completely transformed this Atlanta-area kitchen into a modern, sophisticated space.

contemporary kitchen remodel in atlanta ga

Utilizing traditional white cabinetry and stunning quartz countertops, this kitchen features an elongated island (with large stainless-steel farmhouse sink and extended sprayer) for additional prep space and storage.

The open-concept design features additional seating and a bar area for entertaining. The glass pendant lighting adds a touch of elegance and accentuates the island. The result is a light and bright, open kitchen that’s a joy to be in—whether you’re a guest or the homeowner preparing a meal.

Kitchen #9: Home Renovation in Decatur

Transitional kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

If you’re looking for a kitchen that’s bright with warm wood accents, you may enjoy this kitchen that was part of a recent home renovation in Decatur. We were able to tie in the wooden beams in the ceiling and the hardwood flooring and then add another layer of wood with the working countertop of the kitchen island. The white subway tile walls, white cabinets, and white shutters all contribute to make this a bright and cheerful kitchen. Built-in open shelving on the kitchen island provide additional storage space for cookbooks or whatever else you may need to store.

Kitchen #10: Elegant Atlanta Kitchen Remodel

Traditional and modern elements work together to create this elegant Atlanta kitchen. This beautiful kitchen with great view to the back yard is more than elegant. It’s also extremely practical with plenty of room for both meal preparation and entertaining.  One feature that enables both of those things is the elongated island with a waterfall countertop.  

modern kitchen renovation in atlanta ga

Unique open shelving with shelving that complements the hardwood flooring ties the space together. The light grey cabinets on the island stand in soft contrast to the rest of the white kitchen cabinets. Click here for a closer look—including a look at the wide, pull-out drawers in the bottom cabinets.

Bonus: Deep Dive
Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

This month’s project highlight is a newly finished, traditional kitchen renovation in Atlanta, GA. Our clients made the decision to remodel their kitchen after a pipe burst, and instead of opting for a surface fix, they decided to revitalize the entire house with a fully-fledged, central remodel.

transitional kitchen renovation in atlanta

Not only did the client alter their floor plan, but they also updated all internal structures to feature custom cabinets, handmade tiles, and stunning brass fixtures. The overall project cost came in between $100,001 and $150,000, and the result is an interior remodeling showstopper to end all showstoppers.

The Layout

Though not overly flashy, one of the most perfect elements of this kitchen is the pleasing and peaceful balance it achieves between symmetry and asymmetry. The stove serves as our focal point, centering lower cabinetry in a nearly perfect symmetry that is echoed in the floating island with its two barstools and two lighting fixtures.

The layout achieves interest, however, in the asymmetrical but still perfectly balanced deviation of the upper cabinetry and window above the sink on either side of the oven range hood. A wider view of the room shows an extra workspace on one side and extra storage space on the other, both punctuated by perfectly balanced doorways leading into adjacent rooms.

And yet, we are not left admiring this perfect traditional kitchen remodel from a distance. Instead, the direction of the white oak flooring pulls us into the room and into the center of activity.

The Appliances

Although this is an average-sized kitchen, no appliance or feature is wanting, and yet the overall effect is far from feeling crowded. The central oven and cooktop are not the only cooking and baking options available. There is also a wall oven and a microwave wall oven next to the main refrigerator.

traditional home renovation in atlanta ga

On the other end of the kitchen, we find a secondary bar and prep sink flanked by a wine cooler and a second refrigerator. The multiple and matching stainless-steel heating, cooling, and water appliances and sinks are well distributed throughout the space, making this the perfect kitchen for an avid chef or a leisurely dinner prepared with the help of family or friends.

Design in the Details

But perfection may be found in the details of this remodel just as much as it is in its overall design. Looking at this kitchen, we are greeted with a perfect balance of tones. We have the warmth of the brass lighting fixtures (and matching brass drawer pulls), the white oak floors, and the wood on the barstools.

transitional bathroom renovation in atlanta georgia

These warm tones are complemented by the cooler tones of the white custom cabinetry, the honed Calacatta Venato countertops, and the marbled and white, highly-reflective, handmade tile backsplashes reaching all the way from the lower cabinetry to the ceiling. The neutrals of both the warm copper tones and the cool white tones are accented by the striking green of the central island.

Bonus: Deep Dive #2 
Transitional Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

The first thing you’ll notice about this kitchen remodel is its remarkably bright and open layout. We intentionally left the kitchen’s main wall free of upper cabinets to create a fresh and spacious appeal. Yet in a smaller kitchen, did this bold aesthetic decision compromise a practical need for storage and functionality?

kitchen with exposed brick

No. In fact, this kitchen houses all the essentials and more (including even a wine cooler and a coffee nook!). So how did we accomplish both goals? We structured our layout very carefully to include one full wall of cabinetry and one half wall of cabinetry unpunctuated by a counter prep space, allowing for a beautifully open central wall as the focal point.

Textures That Talk 

The difficulty with allocating entire walls for cabinetry is that the effect can be both bland and overbearing. We offset this by keeping the overall color scheme incredibly simple while letting the texture do the talking. In the case of the cabinetry, this meant setting repurposed mirrors inside the frames of each upper Shaker cabinet. The mirrors fuse with the full wall of reflective subway tiles to magnify the room’s natural lighting.

kitchen cabinets in atlanta

But the weathered mirrors and tile aren’t the only textures in this modern kitchen design that tell a story of the home’s historicity. We also refinished the original, dark hardwood floors and intentionally exposed a brick column by the beverage corner.

These textures, combined with the painted shaker cabinets, marble countertop, open wooden shelving, and full Victorian-style trim work around the windows speak to our care for intricate craftsmanship that highlights the best features of the original home.

kitchen with exposed brick

Each home has a story to tell, and we love helping you find the best way to tell it. We invite you to explore the unique ways in which we’ve restored and breathed new life into some of the oldest homes in Atlanta, always respecting the original builder’s intent and each homeowner’s individual personality.

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